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Tribe 1 of 2023: Unconditional Love
*Unconditional Love*

In this event, Arn speaks about the cycles of time, small and large, and about how we are now entering a time in which many, many cycles are finally coming to an end… right now. We are now entering the moment of choice, both individually and collectively. A choice about whether we’re just going to go around, yet again, or whether we will make a different choice… a choice to do something else entirely. A choice to raise our frequency of consciousness.

Arn leads a feeling meditation which allows us to connect with our inner heart chakra.


Tribe 2 of 2023: Release Your Blockages
*Release Your Blockages*

This event is about the burdens, the wounds and the traumas that we all carry within our beings. Where do these wounds originate? How can we find meaning in our wounding? And how can we finally begin to release our individual and collective traumas and wounding?


Tribe 3 of 2023: The DE-coherence of the DESC

During this event, Adamu appears via Zingdad, to talk about the Dark Elite System of Control (DESC) and the ways in which this system has exerted control over humanity for thousands of years. Adamu speaks about the financial system and several other mechanisms of control, as well as about certain current events in the global political arena. Adamu informs us that the DESC is currently in de-coherence and desperately fighting to maintain its control. He leads a meditation to help us to return to our bodies, to find our connection to our inner heart and to experience the unconditional love that is always available to us.


Tribe 4 of 2023: An Extraordinary Q&A with Adamu
*Adamu Q&A*

This event begins with a meditation guided by Arn into the inner heart of unconditional love. Adamu then appears to answer many of the questions asked by participants. Feedback from attendees is that this event is perhaps the "most startling, informative and transformative" of all Adamu's releases. It is the most widely viewed video, by a fair margin, of the whole series.


Tribe 5 of 2023: Processing Energy and Emotions
*Processing Energy*

In this gathering we begin to process energy and emotion. Lisa demonstrates several techniques which allow us to release and process stuck, blocked and heavy emotions through the body. And then Adamu makes an appearance to talk about the power of emotions in reality creation, and the emotions associated with potential future timelines.


Tribe 6 of 2023: The Dark Agenda and Triggering
*Dark Agenda*

In this gathering Adamu speaks about the Dark Agenda and why we are bringing our attention upon it to a close. He introduces the topic of "triggering" as a control mechanism. Lisa shares a story about an experience that was deeply triggering for her. She also shares about how she has learned to understand and process her triggers. And finally Arn shares a meditation in which he invites us to meet and connect with The Great Goddess.


Tribe 7 of 2023: Lyra 1
*Lyra 1*

You will be given access to two recordings: the replay of the event itself and Lisa's "Bliss Body Meditation": as a stand-alone recording for you to enjoy separately if you wish. 

At this gathering of the Tribe, Arn introduces us to Lyran light language and goes on to share some of the details of life on Lyra. In preparation for a future meditation in which we will experience a return to Lyra, Lisa shares a Bliss Body activation meditation. Lyra is more than a place. It is a state of consciousness. Arn announces a new ascension school which he will be forming to create a new timeline, and to raise the self and the collective into Unity Consciousness upon the path of wholeness, Oneness and bliss. This was the first intimation of the ONEtribe!


Tribe 8 of 2023: Lyra 2
*Lyra 2*

This gathering begins with a blissful, magical guided meditation in which we return to Lyra. We all experience the bliss of co-creating from a high frequency of consciousness. Thereafter a conversation about the early stages of the planning for One New Earth Tribe (ONEtribe for short), a new way in which we will begin co-create in future.


Tribe 9 of 2023: Return to the Pleiades

We begin with a story. What was it like to be living on Lyra prior to the great diaspora? How did Adamu come to know of the shocking future attack by the Draco forces? How did he prepare the Lyrans for it? How did the Lyrans, a race with very little technology but great talents in spiritual, unity conscious magic, use their gifts to escape? How did they get to the Pleiades? And why were they safe there?

Get the answers to all of these questions and FEEL with these people, our most ancient galactic human forebears, through it all. Understand why we still bear the scars of the collective trauma of separation from that ancient time. And then, in shared meditation, led by Lisa, find the love and compassion for self and other-self to begin to release this trauma. 


Tribe 10 of 2023: Arriving on Earth

In this video Arn completes the tale (started in the previous three Tribe events) of how Galactic Humanity came to Earth. He speaks to the collective trauma in our DNA and the personal trauma in our souls... and what to do about it.

Lisa shares a very powerful meditative technique for coming back to your body. 

With great excitement, Arn and Lisa discuss the launch of a bold new initiative: The One New Earth Tribe (ONEtribe for short). Visit the website to find out more:, and to join the ONEtribe!


Tribe 11 of 2023: Coming Home to Self
*Coming Home*

In the final gathering of the Tribe for 2023 (on Christmas Eve), Arn begins by sharing his personal, felt experience of the timelines beginning to split. The gathering then shares in a truly blissful guided meditation of Coming Home to Self. And reconnecting with the Divine within. Thereafter members of the Tribe speak their blessings of Oneness and love upon each other and the world and also share deeply from their hearts. A truly wonderful, heart-centered gathering!