2024 Tribe Lite Replay Library

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Tribe 1 of 2024: Awakening YOUR Genius

An event that has been described by some of its live attendees as "enlightening" and "startling in its implications". Arn kicked off the 2024 TribeLite gatherings on a high note! 
This event invites attendees to radically re-think what "genius" really means. This is not a state of "high IQ" as we are indoctrinated to think. Genius is not an accident of fortuitous genetics for the very lucky few. It is, indeed, a very natural state of being that you can cultivate and create. It is your birthright. And you can "awaken" your Genius!
Arn talks about the principals involved inspiring you to engage the journey of awakening YOUR genius before sharing in a Q&A discussion with live attendees.

Tribe 1 of 2024 (addendum): The Genius Meditations
*Genius Meditations*

Instead of performing a live guided meditation to invite attendees into the awakening of their genius, Arn and Zoe carefully crafted and produced TWO guided meditations using binaural beat technology to induce a state of consciousness alluded to at the TribeLite event. 
These meditations are something very special. They work as advertised, aligning brain hemispheres, aligning heart and mind, connecting ego-self with Divine Self, awakening you to YOUR genius. 
The first meditation is a profound journey undertaken with your eyes closed and in deep relaxation. You are taken into the presence of the Inner Divine and you are shown what it feels like to be in Divine Presence. 
The second meditation shows you how to be in your genius while actively moving about in your day, eyes open and engaged with life.